360inspiration, more than 25 years, focus on big picture and interchange between various industries, in order to increase an organization’s future and competitive advantage. 360inspiration’s knowledge is based on cross fertilisation research among various industries domains, and various innovation insights, translated into actionable innovative scenarios for the future and new business possibilities

According to 360inspiration, innovation is an opportunity to create ideas, it is an environment of trust and involvement of all employees, it is an acceptance of risks and mistakes, but first it is a shared commitment to pursue the strategic goals of the company.

360inspiration inspires leaders and decision-makers to pivot their perspective on long term vision by cross-fertilization of concepts, solutions and ideas from different places and markets. Connects people to help businesses see beyond their horizon.

FutureS Thinking is a unique approach to design processes stemming
from many years of experience gathered on both global and Polish business arena. It’s a sure way to foster innovation within strategies, products and services that allows for successful transformation of various possibilities into tangible results. It integrates the signals of change, the ‘good feel’ for an organization’s potential and the awareness of customer needs together with the ability to decomplexify reality, thus creating a good foundation for innovation.

FutureS Thinking was created by Zuzanna Skalska and Rafał Kołodziej, respective owners of 360Inspiration and Greenhat Innovation that together constitute the FutureS Thinking Group.